Just Fantastic - July 18, 2016

July 17, 2016

These are the things I can't do without this week.

Did you know that if you write down your goals, you're 42% more likely to achieve them?

I'm not into the whole bullet journaling thing, too much work. But I do like Tim Ferris' suggestion from his book, The 4 Hour Workweek, that you should just write down your two mission critical goals for the day. 

That's why I'm loving this Lora Jansdotter planner from Bluesky. Aside from the fun gingham pattern, it provides me just enough space to write down my daily goals. And now that I'm doing so, I'm actually accomplishing them every darn day.

These made in USA sandals are ahhmaaaazing! I've been wearing them all week. As soon as I get home from my corporate day job, I slip these bad boys on and my feet instantly forget that they spent most of the day in heels. I also wear them after my nightly trail runs to relieve muscle fatigue. They pamper my tired soles like no other sandals have.

I'm obsessed with those moments that become tipping points, when an occurrence or incident fundamentally changes you. There's a before, a during, and an after in this character-driven thriller of a novel. Hawley, the showrunner for the TV series Fargo, crafts a masterfully suspenseful experience that doesn't let up and certainly doesn't end as you'd expect. 

On a foggy summer night on Martha's Vineyard, a handful of people board a private jet. 16 minutes after takeoff, the plane crashes into the ocean. Only two of the passengers survive: Scott Burroughs, a washed-up, middle-aged artist, and JJ Bateman, the 4-year-old son of the media titan David Bateman who perished in the crash, along with his wife and daughter. 

Through an almost super-human feat of strength, Burroughs manages to swim with the boy all the way to Montauk and that's where the story really begins.

This is definitely a summer page-turner that I haven't been able to put down. 

Hot hot heat, and our made in USA women's tank top will keep you super cool. The lightweight knit and fun crisscross neckline detail are key to beating the summer heat in style. Try it, wear it, you'll love it. 

No really, we're not just saying that because we sell it. This American-made sleeveless top is fantastic. I've been wearing it off and on for most of the week. Except when I go in to the office as it really doesn't meet the corporate dress code where I work.

And of course the good old red, white, and blue never goes out of style. 

The new voice of Americana, Millsap credits his blues-influenced rocking tunes to his Pentecostal upbringing and listening to the blues with his parents. 

A wise old voice emanates from this young mouth, you should listen. 

Also this song makes a great summer love song. You know the deal: girl goes to a  summer resort with her parents in the Catskills and falls in love with the hunky camp dance instructor. Their love is forbidden, and her family is ready to have the guy fired. But then they do this crazy dance number at the end of the summer in front of the entire resort and everyone thinks it's amazing. Sadly, the girl realizes that their love (her first love) won't survive in the real world. Oh wait, that's the wrong plot entirely. But for some reason this song reminds me of Dirty Dancing, even though this music video is completely rated PG. 

  • Maple Cider Fizz

I've tried to enjoy hard cider, I really have. But I've always found it too fizzy and thin tasting. Well, it's been so hot here in the Northeast the past few weeks that I've been searching for fun, cold evening libations that can be made easily at home. This drink is a snap to make and ever so flavorful. The heaviness of the maple syrup balances out the fizziness of the hard cider.

  • 12 OZ bottle or can of your favorite hard cider. I used Gumption from Woodchuck Cider.
  • A splash of real Maple Syrup or Maple Syrup liquer.

Pour over crushed ice, stir, and then enjoy. 

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